Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland and a Giveaway!

Well, I have been busy sewing!  I have been making tablerunners that I will use as gifts for my son's teachers mostly.  In the meantime, I will say that winter had begun here!  It started yesterday and by 3:00 p.m. it looked like this:

When I got up this morning, it looked like this:

With my light post looking like this:

So, as you can see, winter has begun!  It is nice to have snow for Christmas and my son was sledding today, but I hope that by January 5 it all melts and temperatures are rising to the 50's at least.  I know, I am living in a dream world; but one can only hope.  I love snow for the holidays, but it gets old very quickly.  Tomorrow I will take pictures of what I have been working on so that you can see that I have been busy!

Also, I want to tell you about a great giveaway at Sew-Fantastic!  Check it out, you will love it!  This is the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway and each day sponsors a new venue! 

Until tomorrow, Happy Quilting! 


  1. Yes, I feel the same way about the snow. Although, I do know that it is highly unlikely that the temperature will rise into the 50's in January. Wishful thinking, I guess.

  2. Barb, your home is so pretty decorated for Christmas and you did get a lot of snow.

  3. it sure looks beautiful, but boy after a few days you just are over least I am! the house looks beautiful...Merry Christmas!