Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Jelly Roll Giveaway to Benefit Terry of Terry's Treasures

In case you have not yet heard, Terry, of Terry's Treasures, husband had a serious accident this week.  Laurie of A Yankee Quilter is putting together a benefit to help Terry's family.  Laurie can be reached at:   Laurie would like as many quilters as possible to send her a 9 1/2" unfinished block in Terry's colors of red, blue, yellow and brown.  She will enter each quilter who sends a block into a drawing for the Americana jelly roll.  The deadline is November 15 for Laurie to receive the blocks.  If you pass this along on your blog to reach out to others, additional entries will be added.  Lastly, it would be so nice to tuck an extra few dollars in with the block to help with shipping with any leftover monies going to Terry's family to help them out during this difficult time.

We will keep Terry's family in our thoughts and prayers.  Tudy, at is Terry's mom.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thoughts for Terry and Baltimore Halloween

If you have any time, please stop by and leave some kind thoughts and words for Terry over at she and her family are dealing with a tough time right now; I am sure she would appreciate knowing that we are all thinking of them.

On a quick Baltimore Halloween note, I am busy prepping blocks to take with me to sew at night while I am away for work.  A little sneak peak at one:

I will play with her position a little more before I pin her down for the applique.  It is a little later than I had planned, so until tomorrow I am quiltingly yours,

Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Lunch Bag and Giveaways!

Wow, the giveaways are running rampant!  There are three more to include this evening: 

The first one is in memory of Janice's mum from Scotland.  She passed a year ago on October 5, and Janice is having a giveaway in memory of her.  She has a Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book no. 6 and the fat quarters pictured below.  So visit her for a chance.
The next two are both online quilt shops that are having grand opening giveaways.  Take a look at both of these!
Great fabrics, patterns and the most delicious imported ribbon you have ever seen at:!!!.html

Here you will find a great flannel shop:  and I know several of you quilters who just love flannels!  So check out all three!

On another note a new bag to show you, called The Lunch Tote!  Easy to make and a perfect size for a lunch or whatever...This is the second one I have made using almost the same fabric; gave the first one away, had to change a couple pieces but still love this one. 

Well, it is early so I am off to do a little more prep work on my Baltimore Halloween.  I have to be away for work for four days and will take applique to do in moments of down time, if there is any.  I really want to be prepared though, I know I can't sit without doing anything and would be kicking myself if I do have time and didn't bring anything to work on!  So until tomorrow, I will be quiltingly yours,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quilting Sunday, Halloween Decorations and Giveaways!

Where to begin...It was a cold and stormy night; no, no, no...that's Snoopy's line...anyway it was a rather rainy Sunday all day long.  I was happily inside cutting on the Studio cutter at Sew Inspired Quilts!  This free once a month class is just the best.  Today I was able to cut out the pieces for three of the Christmas Tree wallhanging and most of the pieces for the Fall Star quilt, my star quilt will be made from all fall fabrics with various types of leaves in the fabric.  There were several of us in class and we were sharing, so I will return before the next class to complete my cutting.  I will show you two of the patterns, though my fabric choices are totally different!  Remember to double click on the photos to enlarge, that is on any photos in my blog.

On the next note, we have been decorating for Halloween--my family loves the villages and my DS and DD love the lighted ones.  We have set up our two villages, and various other room of decorations.  DH will not allow the outside to be decorated before October--so by next weekend we will be working outside! 

Lastly, but not least for all of your who love Halloween and decorations, there are two great giveaways to take a look at: for the great gift basket of Halloween

and then off to: for another great giveaway of a Primitive One-of-a-Kind Rolling Pin dough Bowl Keep!

Well, I think that is enough excitement for one day and enough to keep everyone busy!  Until tomorrow, quiltingly yours,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday Night Quilting

Last night I was happily quilting with friends and we made a night of it!  We got together at Christine's house and sewed away until about 11:30!  We all worked on our own projects and I want to show you some pictures!  The girls all know that they will be "featured" today; these are beginning of the evening photos and then finished, if a project was small enough to be finished! 

So, up first we have Pam busy sewing and then her gorgeous bag completed!

Next is Cathy hiding behind her machine--work in progress and then her gorgeous finished bag!

Now Laura busy sewing on a mystery quilt challenge--she is making great progress!  She will have this finished before long!

Now Christine who is working on a very special quilt for her pastor!  At the school her daughter attends, they worked on a garden and she took photos and is putting them in a quilt to give to the pastor--while not finished, she made great progress and at the speed at which she sews, she probably has it finished today!

I worked on my Baltimore Halloween--I think I made some progress too--Christine took pictures of me; she said she is going to go back to working on her blog again--yeah, and the pictures will probably appear there! 

We had a great time, it is really too bad we don't all live closer together and could get together more often--but we are already planning for October and going to Pam's!  It is so fun to get together and quilt with friends and these ladies are such great friends! 

I wanted to mention that there is another giveaway going on at Silver Thimble Talk and you can get there by clicking here:, so if you have a chance, take a little trip over to Pat's blog and see the goodies she has in her giveaway for her 150th post! 

It is early tonight, so I am going up to the quilt room to sew--woo hoo, off I go.  Until tomorrow, I am quiltingly yours,

Quilting at Christine's

I spent the evening in wonderful company; I was quilting with my friends at Christine's house!  We all made progress on projects that we were working on!  The only thing is, I am just getting in and it is 12:00!  So I will show you some pictures on what we were all working on in the morning!

In the meantime, take a look at this blog:, Konda has written a pattern book called "Simply Charming FUN" and you just have to see the great quilts!  It is so hard to pick out a favorite--you will have to decide, go take a look!  Until tomorrow morning, quiltingly yours,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check Out This Giveaway!

Hop on over to, Sweet P Quilting and Creations, for a chance to win a brand new quilting magazine from Canada!  While you are there, you just have to check out the entire blog--it is fantastic!  I went back to the beginning and am working my way forward--it is the best, I am sure you will enjoy it too!

I am going to wrap things up for this evening.  I just came home from my school's Open House--I teach high school, and it has been a long, tiring but great day; I truly do enjoy meeting and talking with all of the parents who come to Open House!  Quiltingly yours,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Great Giveaway and a New Pattern!

Visit Bluebird Quilts at: for a wonderful giveaway!  Look at the beautiful fabric and the cookie cutter in this giveaway!
I received a package in the mail today all the way from Australia, the gorgeous pattern from Don't Look Now, "How does your garden grow?"  I love it!  I am having a difficult time taking a photo of it though as I keep getting a glaring reflection off of the shiny picture, so I am resorting to "borrowing" one from the website

If you haven't visited her site, you really must!  I love everything about her creativity and original patterns!  I just love the new tree pattern--will have to order that soon!  Thank you so much Kellie for your great giveaways too!  My DS is keeping the envelope with the stamp; it truly impressed him!

So you have a couple of great places to check out!  Until tomorrow, I am quiltingly yours,                  

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Kalidescope Table Square

I love table squares and experimenting with the kalidescope pattern.  I had gotten together with friends and we made kalidescope squares and triangles.  This is the result of the triangles.  Now for a small border, quick quilting and binding and then it will be ready for my table.  I do love how the butterflies dance in each different arrangement.  The center and top right are my favorites.

Tomorrow evening I have applique prep work to complete--working on the Halloween Baltimore blocks--
So for now, quiltingly yours,

Monday, September 21, 2009

Look what the mailperson brought today!

A little while ago I won an adorable quilt called Wicked from which is the address for Mel's Own Place!  Well, it came in the mail today wrapped in a wonderful black fabric pillowcase with gray cats and mice--too adorable!  I am going to put a pillow form in it to use as a special pillow also!  I just absolutely love this quilt--thank you so much Mel!  Your color choices and workmanship are fantastic, the fabrics are the best and your pattern design is phenomenal!!!  I am going to display the quilt with my Halloween villages, but tonight I just can't wait to show you these:

Just look at this fabric in this pillowcase!

You just have to drop by Mel's Own Place if you haven't visited; her entire blog is inspiring and so interesting!

I am also working on two quilts, one Fall and one Halloween.  If I get far enough, I will give you a sneak peak after the weekend.....this is incentive now!  Thanks for stopping by, quiltingly yours,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Annual Neighborhood Block Party and Shop Hop Win

My goal was not to miss a day posting to my blog; now I realize that it will happen.  It will also happen again in early October when I will be away for my job for four days.  Well, I am back this evening and want to share some of my busy weekend.

Every year, once a year, my neighborhood has a block party.  This is the ninth consecutive year and we have watched our children grow from toddlers to college and post graduate students.  We were one of the first homes in the neighborhood and have been here 15 years, almost 16.  Our daughter was only four when we moved in and at the first block party our son was three; where does the time go?  Our gathering begins about 3:00 p.m. and we go until whenever; we used to close off our street, which is a cul-de-sac, but now that we don't play games with little kids in the street any more, we gather on the lawns between two neighbors.  We have done it all though, ice cream truck and a clown for the little ones to games and a DJ.  Now, the kids are older and as much as we don't think we have aged, we also are nine years older.  The best party is we all get together and talk and talk and talk and all get along.  We have about 20 families gathering together and we have a fantastic caterer who has been with us since the first year!  We already have talked about doing something big for the 10th year next year! 

As we were sitting outside with the chimineas roaring and the sky dark, someone noticed a bright light coming down from the sky like a flashlight, then it was truly something no one had ever seen anything like it in their lives and it was a little bit eerie.  Needless to say, the alien stories started to run rampant and the jokes began with, "did you count everyone to see if anyone is missing."  We kept our eyes to the sky the rest of the night always glancing upwards to see if light was shining down to us again.

This morning one of our neighbors came around and handed out a article about what we saw. is the link.  Below a picture taken from the article on the experimental rocket launched by NASA from Virginia which prompted hundreds of calls from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

This was truly a once in a lifetime experience, and we certainly had our laughs, stories and theories running wild last night.  We have also had various animals call our peaceful wooded neighborhood home; right now I saw a bobcat cross in front of my car on my way to work Thursday morning, another neighbor had it on her porch; we have fox, deer, turkeys, and any kind of bird you would like to see. 
My brother-in-law had this visitor the other day--you can see his bird feeder laying on the ground.  Another neighbor said they saw a moose on their way to work at 6:45 a.m. close to the center of town. 

Well, tomorrow I will return with all quilting items--I have a lot--probably will take a few of posts to get through!

I will leave you with one bit of exciting news:  at about 4:30 p.m. I had a phone call from The Newtown Quilt Shop--I was the winner of their Shop Hop gift.  Each of the 18 shops had a basket worth $150.00.  Newtown, however, chose to provide a $150.00 gift card to their shop and I won!  I am so excited, I get to go shopping and gather fabric for a couple of projects I want to begin--it really is the best gift of all because I can chose what I wish to buy!  Thank you so much Julie from Newtown Quilts for drawing my name!

So until tomorrow, I will say, quiltingly yours,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shop Hop Finished

Just a very quick note to say that I have finished the CT Quilt Shop Hop!  Yeah, all done.  Now I will wait and see if I have any luck at any of the individual shop prizes or any of the Grand Prizes......Sunday afternoon will be the drawing at all 18 shops for their baskets......

I did buy today--camera has been a little tempermental tonight, so I will try tomorrow when I am fresh--must just be something I am not doing quite right!

So, until tomorrow....quiltingly yours,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Rose Quilt and Finishing the Shop Hop!

Well, I completed four more shops today and that leaves only one more for tomorrow--then I am done!  I have been very conservative with my purchases this time, buying only what I truly love, however, I still have enough projects to get me through a long, cold snowy winter!  I wish I had taken my camera with me this afternoon, there were a couple of places and quilts I would have loved to show you. 

I do know that one of the quilts I want to finish is my embroidered and appliqued rose quilt.  A quick picture here: 
These four just need to be squared at 22" and sewn together.
These just need the bottom right completed and sewn together.  I have one more block to make to have nine blocks and at 22" and a border, that will be a nice quilt. 
So for now, quiltingly yours,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ruby Red Dots

While I was at work, the mail came and the most wonderful gift was in my mailbox!  I won the giveaway on Sheri Howard's blog for her brand new book, Ruby Red Dots.  As if that wasn't enough, she autographed my copy with a sweet message.  Thank you so much Sheri!  I absolutely LOVE your book--the quilts are gorgeous; besides the bed quilt there is a table runner, a valentine's baby quilt and pillow and another quilt to die for!  Run don't walk to buy this book, you will not be sorry!  Every single page is a dream and yes I will be gathering fabric!  Visit Sheri at
Three more shops completed on the Shop Hop today--five to go!  More to come on that at a later post.  Also gathering together a surprise for this weekend--so for now, Quiltingly yours,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Patterns from the Shop Hop

No new shops today, my son's bus broke down on the way home from school so he got home 40 minutes late.  After first trying to find out where the bus was and then waiting for it to arrive, it just didn't make sense to try and get out to any shops today--so tomorrow I will visit three more shops on my quest to finish.  I do have a picture of the last patterns I had bought from my travels on Saturday.  I love them all, but want to start the one on the bottom left first.  Click to enlarge.
Don't forget to take a look at the new buttons on my side bar.  I added Sew Fantastic tonight--a gem to visit.  I also can't wait for the free BOM from Among the Gum Trees to begin; what wonderful generous quilters from Australia--you have to read all about them! 
I will see what tomorrow's shop hop brings!  Quiltingly yours,

Monday, September 14, 2009

CT Shop Hop and Fantastic Giveaways!

It is day three of the CT Shop Hop, but I have only been able to get out two of the days.  On Saturday we traveled to eight shops and today I went to two more.  These two were in my general area, so I was able to get to both of them.  The shops are closing at 6:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 p.m.; but for such a large event it would be so much better for us shoppers if they stayed open until 8:00 p.m. OR gave us two full weeks to travel to 18 different shops all over the state of CT!  The shop owners do need to think that a shop hop brings in a tremendous amount of traffic and money for them, so they need to be more flexible for us!  There are definitely shops that I love and some that I could take or leave.  Click on the picture below to enlarge it and get a better view of the Halloween fabric I bought today.  It was 25% off, but I got charged for an extra yard--I will let you know how this turns out!  Tomorrow I am going to try to get in three shops after work--might be a challenge to get to all three by 6:00 p.m.

On another note, I have added two new buttons on my side bar; each for fantastic giveaways!  I can't wait to visit Among the Gum Trees tomorrow to learn more about it!  I printed out the first pattern for "Sweet Nostalgia" today and will get that going this weekend I hope!  I also checked the buttons I have and fixed any problems with them!  Until tomorrow--quiltingly yours,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Finds on Shop Hop

I am going to begin tonight by answering a question from Quilting Fiesta.  She wanted to know about the Pumpkin tablerunner and I wanted to share the information with everyone.  I did all of the hand work on the quilt but I did not design it, that was done by a wonderful quilter and pattern creator by the name of Susan Varenka.  She often gives classes at a local quilt shop and you can view and purchase her patterns at   

A couple of items from the eight shops we visited yesterday.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

This pattern is for my embroidery machine.
These kits/patterns are so unique.  I purchased them at Quilting By the Yard.  They are quilts made on cardboard tubes, yes I did say on like a sleeve--love them!
Great leather buttons purchased at Coastal Sewing Machines:
Last for tonight, but certainly not least, the tote bag my friend Pam made for me to carry all of my purchases during the hop--isn't it gorgeous!  She also embroiders and put our name on each of our bags!  Thank you again Pam!