Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It is Snowing Again!

Well, it is snowing again and we have no school today!  This could be a long week of snow if the weather predictions come through as true.  We will have to see what happens--at this rate, we will be going to school until July--yuck! 

In the neighborhood waiting for the bus and the woods to the side of our house.

I came across this beautiful quilt giveaway and a new blog for me today.  Check out Lila Tueller Designs.

Well, I am off to the upstairs to see what I can sew today!  Will show pictures as things happen....
Until later, happy quilting!


  1. While I sympathize with you if your kids lose more school days due to weather, I am glad the snow is THERE and not HERE! LOL

  2. Happy sewing and keep yourself warm!

  3. Snowing at your house? Stopped over on my way. Now it's just gray and cold out. I'm sure the sleet is on its way.

  4. I love seeing nice photos of the snow as long as i am warm & indoors lol
    Hugs Janice