Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Does the Time Go and Thank You!

It is amazing to me how fast time can fly by!  I have been so busy lately with my own children, work and holidays that I have not been posting much!  April and May already look pretty booked in!  I was trying to schedule a "Ladies Night Out" with some long standing friends and we had to opt for a Sunday Brunch--nothing wrong with that, but it is the only day in April we can all meet because of our busy schedules!  I also want to say Thank You for two great packages I have received in the mail!  First, my long ear bunny, Mr. Long Legs, ie "Pinky" from Sandi at A Legacy of Stitches and today a Grabbit Magnetic pincushion from Jean at Quilting Ranny.  That is pretty lucky if I do say so myself!  If you haven't visited those blogs, do stop by!  Sandi was the creator and organizer of the Bunny Hop that just finished and it was fantastic--thank you Sandi for all that you do!

I have been doing quilt related things--and even sewed some tonight, but there have been several days which I have missed----I can't believe it, I was doing so well sewing/quilting a little bit everyday since January 1st and getting so much finished.  Well, I am just going to jump back on the horse and get back to quilting a little everyday once again!

I went to a great quilt show with my friend Pam and took a few pictures which I will show, it will have to be tomorrow.  I have also sewn a few pillowcases, but didn't take pictures because I was too rushed to get them into Easter baskets and out the door--that is ok.

Until tomorrow, happy quilting!


  1. I thought when I retired I was going to have all this time and I wondered what I would do. Guess again!! Between kids, grandkids, pets, my mother, housework and occasionally sewing where does the time go.

  2. Barb,
    I received my pattern and fat quarters in the mail yesterday and they are adorable! I have posted them on my blog today. Thanks for having a giveaway on your blog!

  3. Congrdulations. Such wonderful prizes. I have 2 grabbit's and I wouldn't want to be without them. Your work is great. Thank you for sharing. Happy quilting!

  4. They do say time flies when your having fun lol more time we have the busier we seem to be
    Hugs Janice

  5. Lucky you to have such a full life a time for quilting...ahhhh....

  6. Hi, Barb,
    I'm "hopping" around to some blogs and just like the "white rabbit" in Alice in Wonderland, I'm a big late. :-) I'm still trying to get around to all the blogs in the hop so I can see who won what! I see Pinky is enjoying a nice perch at your house. All my Easter candy is gone and I could use some chocolate today....or maybe even some jelly beans! With spring in "full bloom", I am finding myself sooo busy and blogging may get harder to do on a regular basis. :-) Oh, yes, time flies when we're having fun!!