Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's been a long time.....

I know that it has been a long time since my last post--so I will briefly say why.  First and foremost has been work.  I accepted additional responsibilities this year and that meant a great deal more time, unfortunately, the time had to come from somewhere and it was my quilting and blogging time!  Even though I teach high school, I have been busy at work even this summer. 

However, I have made time for quilting!  It has been so wonderful to relax, create and sew once again!  So without further waiting, I will show you what I have been working on--I have spent a lot of time lately on sewing/applique/embroidery for the past month and love every single minute/second of it!  I have also been to a few quilt shows, but will save some of that for later! 

This quilt was a joy to work on!  The pattern is called, The Big EZ, and it certainly was!  I have started another one with Halloween fabric.  Right now it is shown on my daughter's bed, she hopes it stays there when it is quilted too--we will see; she will be off to college in two weeks for her senior year.  Where did that time go; that is another story for sure!

This is a close up of the large block--which is the reason I used the pattern that I did--it allows me to showcase the fabric I did not want to cut up! 

While I may not post daily, I will at least try to post much more often than before--my goal will be weekly, however if it is every other week when I return to school that would be better than what it has been!  I have a few more things to show you and another post to make about a new blog that I fell in love with etc.  That will be tomorrow (for sure)!

Well, it is wonderful to be back, thank you to everyone who stood by me while I was so involved with work, family etc. and thank you so much to Joanne who has prompted and urged me back to my blog!  She will be the next post!

Great to be back, it feels like a renewal with friends, now here's to keeping it up!  Happy in quilting and blogging!


  1. Welcome back!! Love, love that quilt!!

  2. Welcome back Barb! your quilt is beautiful, love the colours and the fabric is just gorgeous!

  3. What a lovely floral quilt. I am so glad you were able to get this posted in your blog. Good luck in the new school year.

  4. Ooo... I can see why you didn't want to cut that fabric up. So pretty! I'm glad you are finding time for yourself and doing some relaxing now. It's important to find ways to fit that in. :)