Saturday, March 13, 2010

A quilt Giveaway and back to my blog!

I discovered a new blog tonight, Banaghaisge and she is giving away a quilt that she has made for her blogaversary!  It is gorgeous, yes go take a look and you may just choose to enter also!  This was a good thing because it has gotten me back to my blog! 

I have been out every night for the last week with work or other commitments and I just haven't fit in my blog very well.  I also have been down to about 5 minutes of daily quilting, but thankfully that will change tomorrow!  Also, my DD has been home from college this week on Spring break--only 6 more weeks and another year of college is finished--where did that year go?  It has been wonderful to get the time with her--she goes back on Sunday...

One fantastic getaway was a trip to the New Jersey Quilt show last Saturday with a bus full of quilters!  We had a blast!  The vendors were first rate and the quilts were excellent!  I will have to get some pictures on this site, I took a few and my friend Pam took many more!  Tomorrow I am getting together with the monthly quilting group--it should be a lot of fun!  So, I should get some pictures there too!


  1. I love bus trips to quilt shows! I will be going to the new AQS show in Lancaster, PA, in two weeks but will go with one friend and we will stay there for 2 nights. It should be a lot of fun! We will take one class and also attend Eleanor Burns' lecture.

  2. Wow, that is so pretty. I hope you win! Good luck!

  3. Don't things get busy sometimes?!! Wow, I know what you mean about finding time to fit in the blog and then quilting time, too. I have news for are the winner of the long-legged bunny in my "pre-bunny hop giveaway". I just sent you an e-mail. :-) COngrats!!!

  4. Just hopping in to get to know you. We are both in Sandi's Good Egg event. Come for a visit soon!