Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you to Michele of Betwixt the Betweens!!!

I came home today from a friend's home with my son--so nice to be on vacation; stopped to pick up the mail and there was a package for me!  It came from Michele of Betwixt the Betweens blog!  She had a giveaway not too long ago, and I won  five fat quarters!  Yes, I love fabric--now who doesn't, that is such a silly statement on a quilter's blog, but I just had to say it anyway--just in case anyone might be wondering!  Well, back on track--here is the size of the package--now I know there is more in there than just fat quarters!

So I open the mailing pouch and take out not one, not two, but three cute wrapped packages with a lovely note!

I am pretty sure that the package in the center, down front, is fabric--it is soft and squishy!  But the two in the back--well, hard and rectangle!  Just look at the wrapping, presentation is everything and this is fantastic--the attention to detail with the gorgeous ribbon bow is just too much, Michele you are beyond words (and that is something for me)!  Now are you ready for what is inside?  Just take a look--beautiful fabric, adorable recipe cards (ok, who told Michelle that I LOVE birds and need recipe cards) and of course chocolate!  Now mind you, not just any chocolate, but Ghirardelli Dark Raspberry chocolate!  I love chocolate, what quilter doesn't, but I absolutely love Ghirardelli's!  I will buy at my local Costco's Ghirardelli's brownie mix and it is the best ever--my family will tell you that and so will my FBLA and FFA students--(yes, I do make brownies for my competing teams; it is a proven fact that teenagers learn better with Ghirardelli's brownies!)
Well, with all that shown, thank you, thank you Michele!  You are too kind and too generous!  I am very fortunate!  Michele has the cutest named blog, link on the name above and check it out--it is truly great! 
Until tomorrow, happy quilting!


  1. What a wonderful gift! I'm off to visit Michele :)

  2. VERY nice package from Michele! ENJOY!!!

  3. Oh my!~what a wonderful suprise to receive in the mail! :)
    She's way too sweet!, I can tell by the Ghirardelli Dark Raspberry !!!
    oh my.

  4. Aren't you the lucky one! What a cute package, great fabric and of course chocolate!

  5. Congradulations, my dear friend. Michele was very nice to send you all of that. Such a nice blogger. Thank you for sharing.
    Happyy Quilting!

  6. I l0ve the mail!!! Thanks for stopping by today and joining my followers~I am also a huge fan of applique!!

  7. Hello Barb, lovely package to receive...Warm Regards, Lyn

  8. It seems that my package from this same contest, has been sitting in the post office! I am hopeful that someone will be able to pick it up and bring it to my by Saturday! I can't wait!!! :)
    Your blog is lovely. I've been exploring options for a re-do on mine. I get close and then "chicken out!" lol
    I'll get around to it. XO

  9. Oh love the fabric from the giveaway - luck was on your side!!!