Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reminder of my Giveaway and How My Blog Got It's Name

Just a reminder that there is still time to enter the drawing for my giveaway--three wonderful gift packages for followers! Scroll down a few posts to the giveaway to comment!

The blog, As Sweet As Cinnamon ,recently asked how my blog came to be named "A Corgi To Quilt By." Well, the answer pretty much is how it sounds. Six years ago my children, mostly my daughter, wanted a puppy in the worst way. My husband and I hadn't had a dog since we were growing up--I had a black lab and he grew up with Saint Bernards. I thought about a smaller dog and loved Tasha Tudor's Corgi's, as I have a few of her books! My daughter did a lot of research on corgis and it was all good--they are very intelligent, very loyal, a lot of fun, a big dog mentality in a small package and have relatively few problems. She was also working for a Vet as part of her SAE school work and a corgi breeder came in with puppies to have their tails docked. She fell in love with a small female and before we knew it, she was home with us. She is the love of our lives! She is always with us, very intelligent--performs wonderful tricks, and brings so much into our lives. She loves to sit at my feet. My daughter is now a senior in college and has her own six month old corgi with her. They are great friends and love to play together. Ours loves our cats too! Our indoor cat also loves her! So that is about it--when I was thinking of names for the blog, it was only natural to have something to do with our corgi!
Until tomorrow -- happy quilting!


  1. She sounds like the perfect pet. :-) Have a happy day!

  2. You know she asked a question that I have wonder about myself sometimes when reading blogs, its good to get to read these answers. Trish

  3. It's really fun to own a Corgi. They're so tiny and very lovable. Good luck on quilting.