Monday, January 9, 2012

The Ghastlies -- Delayed by Snow!

Well, I am so happy to finally post my Ghastlies creations! I so loved participating in this event--thank you Madame Samm for all of your organization and hard work; I know that it was no easy feat! The first item is a hot cup sleeve! Love the orange:
There is nothing better than having a hot cup of coffee, latte, or hot chocolate with the Ghastlie cat! Love the cat!
Next: To take your lunch to work (Deli Lunch Tote):
With plenty of pockets for your utensils, napkin, etc! Love this pattern:
The only problem has been everyone wants one now!
Last but not least, one of my favorite quilt patterns (The Big EZ)--makes up a wonderful double/queen size quilt in no time! I love all the Ghastlie fabric, so I incorporated several pieces of various The Ghastlie fabrics into this one:
I am not all that pleased with the photographs--will have to do some more during the day light hours--but would that be Ghastlie?
One last picture with the lunch tote and cup together:
Now the Ghastlie quilt can fly off to the longarm quilter and the remainder of the fabric can tuck away until later when the urge rises up by the full crisp Fall moon to create some more Ghastlie treasures!
Thank you all for stopping by! Happy quilting!


  1. To tell the truth, I'm not an avid Ghastlie lover, but I love your ghastly makes!! The coffee/hot drink sleeve is totally cool-- as is the tote and the quilt. I'm a native CT person (Connectikite is the correct word, I suppose) and in New Haven-- for years--they had York Square Cinema (there were rooms for 2 films)-- don't know if you ever were there, but I still remember the Ghastly wallpaper they had; it was so interesting to look at and try to identify all the classic actors. Sadly, they closed over a decade ago. But I bet that wallpaper is a hot commodity these days! Have a ghastly evening-- but tomorrow its back to Total Eclipse!! I'm waaaaay behind!! (Don't tell jackie-- I did spend a few hours on the prep work today, though :0)

  2. Nice Ghastlie treasures!
    I like your quilt.

  3. So glad you're back! We missed you! Love your projects (I'm lovin' that cat) and want to finish up my lunch bag, too. What a fun quilt! You'll have to post some pics after its all quilted up, too!

  4. I am so happy that you are finally back. Hip, Hip, Hooray! I got the little dish that you sent awhile back. Thanks so much. And, I love your Ghastlies!

  5. How cute! Love the lunch tote! It's darling!

  6. Hey, Barb. I would love to have the pattern for that lunch tote. Can you tell me where it is available?

  7. You did a fabulous job on all of it!! It is good to see you posting again! were missed!! Hugs

  8. HI Barb..great additions to our collection of the cup cover, your quilt omgoodness...never get tired of seeing this print....

  9. Love your lunch bag with all the pockets! Cute! and what a great idea for a hot cup sleeve. I use knitted ones that I made but this is so cute I may have to make some. Thanks!

  10. I love your Ghastlie tote! is it your own pattern??

  11. I just love the Ghastlies fabric too and your creations are fabulous!!! I've been playing with my Ghastlies lately too, such a fun range ;o).
    Joy :o)

  12. Hi Barb:

    So glad you are able to post again. I missed you and worried about you and your family. It is so good to see your Ghastlie's post. I love all the Ghastlie's posts. Everyone's creations were wonderful. Love the paper piecing also. Can't wait to see the end results. It sounds like a great class. Wish I was there, too!

    Hugs - Purple Pam