Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

New Year's resolutions, do you make them every year?  I generally don't, however, this year I am going to make a resolution that will definitely make me happy--I am making a resolution to sew every day; maybe just a little, perhaps for an entire evening--the amount doesn't matter just the sewing matters!  In this resolution I hope to sew a few tablerunners ahead to have as a quick or needed gift!  During the last couple of weeks I have sewed daily, mostly out of necessity getting teacher gifts and neighbor gifts ready and I have found the peace and joy that it brings it just too great to not sew daily!  I also hope, in this resolution, to finish some long standing projects, take pictures and post again regularly!  So while this is one resolution, it could have a multitude of outcomes!

While I haven't taken pictures of all of the tablerunners which have already left this home, I have a couple more in progress, this was the design that I chose to make this year for many people:

I also completed this great advent calendar for next year for my son and will also make one for my daughter.  While they both love advent calendars every year, I am tired of buying ones that are just ok and want to fill the pockets myself.  Love the sleigh design and will now sandwich it and quilt and bind it soon.

So, now that I am back on track, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year with health, happiness and quilting!

Until tomorrow, happy quilting! 


  1. Love what you have done!!!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. I just found your blog off another blog. I have a beautiful tri-color corgi that is the light of my life. When our third child left home we were so lonely. I was teaching math at a local high school and one of my students said come see my granddaddy's dogs. The minute I laid eyes on our Gus I knew he was ours. He loves to play Frisbee! You can't even say the word around him without him going nuts. He loves to go in the ocean in the summer. I have a picture of him on my blog.