Monday, August 9, 2010

Black Bear

I have had a black bear in my yard this past year, more than once, and have posted pictures on my blog before.  This time, I want to post a picture of the black bear wall hanging which I am working on.  The design is called:  Backdoor Bear and it is by Toni Whitney who designs for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company (this link takes you to their blog).  They are a design company that produces patterns that I cannot get enough of!  I love all of their designs.  I also love their method of applique....while this is not finished and not the best picture I had to share it tonight:

I will probably try and take another one tomorrow in natural light so that you can truly see the colors--the bear is actually black not brown.  The fabrics are all batiks!  You can purchase their patterns or as kits with the fabrics from their site which is:    Bigfork Bay Cotton Company Where Quilters Gather. (This is a link to their site where you can purchase)

I also have a picture of the kitten that we raised from about 3 weeks old.  He is definitely getting big and is extremely lovable.  Loves to jump up and sleep in your lap, snuggles right in--when he is not playing with the dog or just running around.

Well, until tomorrow, happy quilting!


  1. What is different about the applique technique that is used by that company you mentioned today? The kitten is very cute!

  2. Wow! The bear looks like a painting.

    That kitty is adorable! I just got my first kitten a while back. What great pets!

  3. That bear is gorgeous! I love using batiks, there is such a variety to the colors.

    What is that adorable kitty's name :) !!


  4. Lovely applique project. And congratulations on your new four legged child. Very cute. I hope to see her (or your other four legged children) in my Pets on Quilts Show.


  5. Like the bear very much. Looks almost real. The kitten is of course adorable and in the picture looks like he has thought of doing something mischievous, so keep and eye out. Thank you for following my blog, Nadine

  6. Your quilt is so beautiful, I love the fabric.Cute kitty!

  7. I love kittens with white socks. :)

  8. BEAUTIFUL block! Oh how gorgeous! I just love these types of quilts with the batiks. I have often admired the farm one by McKenna Ryan, but it all looks so difficult to me. Wish I were near so I could watch you....
    Lovely kitten. :)