Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday happenings!

Just a few updates on a quieter Sunday.  My son is home from Boy Scout summer camp and really glad to be home, relaxed today mostly--being gone for 3 weeks this summer was quite a change for him.  He did have a great time though!  He was mostly shocked at the pictures of the bobcat and wished he had seen him.

As for the bobcat, he was never caught--so he is out there somewhere, hopefully healing!

I have had a normal Sunday--doing laundry (lots of boy scout laundry) etc. and some sewing!  Worked to finish the 4-patch blocks for Patches for Lissa on Jane's Fabrics and Quilts--check it out if you are able and willing to help out.  Will get them in the mail now!

Entered for a chance to win an Accuquilt GO cutter at the following site:  Sew Many Ways...

I would really love to win a GO cutter so have been trying hard--but no luck yet; hopefully this is the right time and right blog!  I could really do so much with one!  I will save all my writing about the GO for posts and posts if I do win one!

That is about all for now.  Until tomorrow, happy quilting!


  1. My be this time is yours to win....I went and looked... already 506 comments so I said not this good luck to you. Trish

  2. I have also entered.Good luck in the draw!