Monday, September 21, 2009

Look what the mailperson brought today!

A little while ago I won an adorable quilt called Wicked from which is the address for Mel's Own Place!  Well, it came in the mail today wrapped in a wonderful black fabric pillowcase with gray cats and mice--too adorable!  I am going to put a pillow form in it to use as a special pillow also!  I just absolutely love this quilt--thank you so much Mel!  Your color choices and workmanship are fantastic, the fabrics are the best and your pattern design is phenomenal!!!  I am going to display the quilt with my Halloween villages, but tonight I just can't wait to show you these:

Just look at this fabric in this pillowcase!

You just have to drop by Mel's Own Place if you haven't visited; her entire blog is inspiring and so interesting!

I am also working on two quilts, one Fall and one Halloween.  If I get far enough, I will give you a sneak peak after the weekend.....this is incentive now!  Thanks for stopping by, quiltingly yours,


  1. What a lovely win, it's adorable. We don't celebrate Halloween but this is super cute. I;\'ll look forward to seeing the quilts you're working on.

  2. That really is a wonderful quilt. Full of whimsy!

  3. I'm so glad it arrived safely!
    Thanks so much for posting about it and linking back to me!
    Hope you have a great fall!