Sunday, May 23, 2010


I think that the most asked for item is pictures of the kittens so here they are: 




Well, there are the fur balls--just starting to play and jump around!  They will go about 6 hours between feedings now; we are getting there....they don't stay still enough to get alot of good pictures--they are becoming very curious!  My son is a huge help with them!       

Until tomorrow, happy quilting!



  1. They are so cute. I'm especially glad for the one photo that also had part of a person in that lets us see (somewhat) how tiny the kittens really are. In the photos of them by themselves, they look bigger! Thanks for posting these!

  2. They are just adorable!! Way too cute! How can yo stand it? I would want play with them all day!

  3. I love kittens--think of that poor momma with 8 babies!!! I have done the feeding thing--but to only help a couple mommas who did not seem to have enough milk for them all---I love them all!!! the little furry look on--looks like that one will be "busy" little one!!
    hugs, Di

  4. Wow, are they cute or what..Looks like they are going to be in to some mischief soon..HMMMMMMM

  5. They're Adorable! We need to bottle that energy! Just much quilting we would get done! LOL!

  6. Hi Barb! I somehow stumbled upon your blog on my usual Monday explorations of quilting blogs and it is awesome!! I particularly was smitten with the name of your blog - but then quickly came to appreciate the entire thing after visiting for a while. Please stop by my blog and check out "my" sewing assistant(s). I think you will laugh! Nice to meet you and I'm marking you as a fav!

  7. The kittens are adorable! I look forward to seeing more pics before they go off to their new homes!

    I have kitten pics of Legend posted at Create With Joy if you'd like to take a peek!