Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Quilt Show pictures and ThankYou All

I am just so touched by all of your messages welcoming me back and missing me--who would have thought!  It is the nicest thing in the world to have others thinking about you and missing my words....nothing profound; just fun!  On the fun note, we recently had a skinny turkey in our yard at our bird feeder.  Our cat, who is a great hunter, couldn't decide what to do about this big of a bird....

That is a pretty big bird.....                               
Skinny though.....


Should I try it?.......                             

Maybe next time...

On a quilt note:  A few more pictures from the recent quilt show:

Until tomorrow, happy quilting!



  1. Great post--love it all and you made me smile--even if it is 11:15 pm here in Ny
    Hugs, Di

  2. Great quilts and we have seen some female turkeys and they are all skinny. I think they have had their brood and are out looking for food..
    Good you are back

  3. Love the quilts...totally amazing!

  4. Hey, commented twice here, don't know what happened but love the quilts..Really pretty and we saw some of those skinny turkeys too. They must have young that they are feeding now. Have a great weekend and glad you are ok..

  5. welcome back Barb! Love the pics of the quilts, it's always so hard to pic a favourite when they're all so wonderful!

  6. Hi Barb,
    we like you have wild turkeys in the yard, I have inside cats who like to sit in the window and watch them. This past week we have had 2 rather large black bears and just this evening we had 5 fox kits prancing and playing in the front yard.
    It's so nice to live in an area where you get to see so much wildlife.