Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us!  First, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday--the weather in our area is suppose to be fantastic--enjoy outside activities and parades!  Second, I am hoping to enjoy some free time!  I just came in from a school FFA banquet, another night school function and I am almost caught up on work, so I am hoping to get some hand work in--I so need the time to relax.  I will also be going to watch my son march in the parade in the school band on Monday!  Lastly, I hope to get the garden work completed and some outside sun in the process! 

On another note, the kittens are getting bigger and are really playing!  My daughter let them run around in the family room and they had a ball!  I will have to get more pictures taken too!

Well, it is time to call it a night, so until tomorrow, happy quilting!


  1. When I was teaching I enjoyed all the activities but it does get hectic at the end of the year. How is your corgi with the kittens? Mine just wants to play with the cats and they are having none of that. We are off to the coast this weekend. Our Corgi just loves to get in the ocean!

  2. isn't it just such a riot to watch animals interact with eachother?? my son brought his two puppies over last night and we watched them for about two hours. ahhhhhh life's simplest of pleasures are oh so grand!