Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Fabric and kittens

My daughter brought home a box from work.  She works for a Vet., and is studying to become a Vet herself.  Inside the box were two three week old kittens.  They are about four weeks old now and we are bottle feeding and caring for them.  The mother was killed by a car and eight kittens were brought in to the Vet.  Everyone took two home to help them survive.  They are now playing and doing very well.  They are work, just like babies!  Both of ours are spoken for--yeah, but it has been a nice experience especially for my son. 
I ran out to a quilt shop today to view a demo on Paintsticks.  While I have worked with them before, there were new techniques to try!  Such fun--thanks Cheryl and YQ!  While I was there, I bought fabric for two quilts, one large and one be begun when my quilt room is back together--soon, I hope!

Not meaning to be a tease, but I will have to show pictures is a little late, the kittens are sleeping and I am ready to turn in myself!

So, until tomorrow, happy quilting!


  1. Awww how sweet, baby kitties! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. I will be back for pics! I love fur babbies!

  3. My husband brought home kittens whos mom had been run over...was alot of fun.

  4. i want to see those kittens...there's nothing like them!

  5. DO need to remember to come back and post those kitten photos for us!