Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a Little Early for this White Stuff!

It's October 15, 2009--so what is this falling from the sky???

I do not like this so early!

My poor heavy hydrangea tree!

So much for my morning glories!

See the pink peeking through--those flowers are toast for this year!  I refuse to use that four-letter word!

On to warmer thoughts:

Two pillows I made--a couching technique and  an embroidered pillow band. 

A few more pictures of quilts from the show which I have not yet included.  Took a quick look outside and the wind is picking up and it looks like it has tapered to flurries....on that note, have a good quilting night!


  1. Nice quilts especially the vase one.
    Yes it seems that a lot of people are getting snow early you stay safe & warm
    Hugs Janice

  2. OH NO! I am with you , I am not ready for winter yet. But it's coming anyway. LOL
    Cute pillows!

  3. Hi Barb, That is exactly what it looks like at my house this morning. I am not ready either! Last night Barb from the Yankee Quilter was at our guild in Harwinton. I talked with her about your show and your blog. She said it was a wonderful show for the first year. Good turn out and great quilts!

  4. I wouldn't mind a little snow here in DC!

  5. You got hit with the snow too, huh? Me too. Of course the weatherman said "higher elevations"... I didn't think my house was considered in "higher elevation"!

    I'm just glad it didn't stick around.