Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick Post

Just a quick little post tonight.  I have been working very late at school for Trick or Treat Street.  Clubs and activities each take a room and decorate with a theme.  The entire downstairs hallway of the high school is totally decorated also.  Then tomorrow afternoon about 1,000 little kids will come through and "trick or treat" each room.  They will play games, get candy and have fun!  It is a very safe trick or treat event which our school puts on for the community.  We collect food for the food pantry and money for the fuel drive for the needy community members.  It is a total service activity which our high school students do to "give back" to the community.  We have been working on our room's decorations after school for the last couple of weeks and this week have put in the hours--just getting home now and will be back there on Saturday for the actual event.  On top of that, had to get my son from his school as he is running a fever and sick--so DH came home from work so I could go back to school!  Hopefully, tomorrow I will have pictures to post! 
Will leave you with a few more pictures from our guild quilt show:

Until tomorrow, Happy Quilting! 


  1. More lovely items thanks for sharing
    Hugs Janice

  2. Thanks for the great show and tell...I like the Jar quilt.