Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Group Quilting and more on the Santa Pattern!

Has it been a month already??  Our once a month quilt group has gotten together tonight and had the most wonderful time!  We added another member to our group, Cheryl, who wasn't really ready to join tonight; but did anyway!  She is one great person and a great addition to our little gathering!  Here are some pictures of what we are working on; forgot the camera, so they are from the phone; but not too bad!

Christine working on quilting the quilt she began last month at her house. 

Laura working on sewing valances for her home.

Pam working on a small purse and then she finished a great tablerunner; didn't get a picture of it though!

Cathy finishing her second witch's cape and one dress for her daughters' for Halloween.

Cheryl with not much to do of her own; we told her too late to come; but she helped everyone alot!

Christine with her quilted completely finished with binding and by the end of the night!

The beautiful bag that Christine made!

Great pictures of Pam's home as we walked up to it all decorated; aren't the cat eyes awesome!  I am going to have to look for something like those.  I love Pam's home and the decorations were fantastic!

I fogot my camera for Party with Patrick, but I will take a picture of it tomorrow!  We received our new disc today for the next project!  Party with Patrick is a fantastic once a month program at Yankee Quilter, where I did find out today that you need to purchase the Santa pattern from--right on their website, as Susan does not sell directly off of her site!  Yankee Quilter does have mail order from their web page and are great! 

Anyway, Party with Patrick has a featured project, an extra project and then recipes every month!  I go to Yankee Quilter for this and they make the recipes for everyone to try!  Then we have show and tell of what everyone has made in previous months and you get to choose a fat quarter if you bring in your project!  It is a lot of fun and the projects and food are just great!  I will take my camera in the next time I go there and take pictures of all of the month's project as they do have them displayed!

Well, it is getting late so until tomorrow; happy quilting and sewing!


  1. Great photos, it lovely seeing other groups that meet from around the world
    Hugs Janice

  2. Love the cat eyes!!

    It's always a good time when quilty friends gather!

  3. barb this is a great blog. love the photos of sat nite. it does look like we had a great time. congrats on good work and being so dedicated. laura

  4. Barb,
    You are doing a great job and I love the pictures of us and the trick or trunk. I have a hard time with these, but eventually I will get thru. All is well. CK1 I lied I can't figure how to put in comments so I am unidentified