Thursday, October 1, 2009

NEASC Accreditation Team

Well, I am getting ready for my position on the NEASC High School Accreditation  Team.  As you may have read from my profile and blog, I am a high school teacher.  I was asked to serve on a team to evaluate and decide if a high school should receive accreditation .  This is a huge undertaking with countless hours being given to this task from Saturday through Wednesday.  I will not be at home, they put the team members up at a hotel, and we work from 7:00 in the morning until 10:30 at night.  Needless to say, I may not be blogging during these days.  I have prepared some applique to take with me on the off chance that I will have some down time, and then I think I will need some relaxation--hence the applique.  If I get anything accomplished, I will share when I get back.  Once I return, my quilt guild will be having their first quilt show on Saturday, October 10; so while I am working on that and during the show, I do hope to have pictures to post of the show.  After that, no more commitments for a while--I need my own time to sew and quilt!

I will be putting together some 9 1/2 blocks for Terry though and sending them off to Laurie--that I consider something I want to do and it is my time to sew!  My thoughts and prayers are continuing for Terry and her family.  I will leave you with what I am leaving on the design wall--this is one of my latest Studio cutter design quilts--and another huge reason I want to be sewing!  Until later--I am quiltingly yours, 


  1. Good luck with the accreditation! Sounds pretty intense. Love the colors of you newest quilt.

  2. Very pretty Barb!

    Sorry to hear for your late nights!

    Happy sewing!